Present day. A melting pot of all the supernatural species, this lovely American city has been attracting supernaturals from all corners of the world since the mid 1990s. With some murder mystery going on in the background, you're free to write your own adventure; where do you place in this world?
Duluth, Minnesota
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UPDATE 09.07.17 WEELLL the July Activity check is now OVER! Clean up is complete. If you missed it and would like to be reinstated, please contact a member of staff. Watch this space for more updates soon.

UPDATE 01.07.17 The July ACTIVITY CHECK is up! Running from 1st - 8th of July. Go save some of those characters of yours, people or we'll feed them to the wolves! HERE.

UPDATE 25.06.17 You might have noticed a bit of a facelift around the site, courtesy of our wonderful coding guru Sarah! NEW SKIN, people... Drink it in. Keep an eye out for more updates.

UPDATE 08.06.17 The AC is now over, the clean-up complete. Stay tuned for some updates coming your way.

UPDATE 01.06.17 The June ACTIVITY CHECK is up! Rush to save your babes here.

UPDATE 07.05.17 The May ACTIVITY CHECK is now over. If you find anything missing or gone awry, let us know.

UPDATE 01.05.17 The May ACTIVITY CHECK is now up! Don't forget to save your favs~

UPDATE 23.04.17 Site plot updated!

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