Duluth, Minnesota. Present day. A melting pot of all the supernatural species, this lovely American city has been attracting supernaturals from all corners of the world since the mid 1990s. With some murder mystery going on in the background, you're free to write your own adventure; where do you place in this world?
UPDATE 08.06.17 The AC is now over, the clean-up complete. Stay tuned for some updates coming your way.

UPDATE 01.06.17 The June ACTIVITY CHECK is up! Rush to save your babes here.

UPDATE 07.05.17 The May ACTIVITY CHECK is now over. If you find anything missing or gone awry, let us know.

UPDATE 01.05.17 The May ACTIVITY CHECK is now up! Don't forget to save your favs~

UPDATE 23.04.17 Site plot updated!

UPDATE 22.04.17 Werewolves and vamps have been revisited! Lone wolves are now permitted, wolf mating has been changed, and vampires are now only turned, not born. Their diet has been adjusted as well, and powers modified. Check out their pages for more~

UPDATE 16.04.17 Thanks to Moss we've got a brand spanking new SITE WIKI! It's everything you need to know about the site all in one place.

UPDATE 11.03.17 We've just added a freaking awesome NEW SPECIES to the bestiary! Welcome to Skinwalkers. Let the impromptu hamster morph begin.

UPDATE 08.03.17 The ACTIVITY CHECK is now over. Those that didn't make it have been archived, and the clean-up begins! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

UPDATE 01.03.17 The March ACTIVITY CHECK is up. Short month, right? Don't panic, just list the characters you want to keep. You have a week, gogogo!

UPDATE 10.02.17 RULES UPDATE, when deleting a character outside the AC, there will be a two-week period before you can app another. Also, we have a lovely abilities list now for all the witches. Check it out here!.

UPDATE 09.02.17 ACTIVITY CHECK is now over. All characters and ooc accounts that didn't make it have been archived, and forums have been cleaned and tidied to make way for... More chaos. Look out for more updates coming soon!

UPDATE 01.02.17 The February ACTIVITY CHECK is up. You have a week to post and save your characters from the danger list. Don't miss out!

UPDATE 25.01.17 We've just updated and added a whole bunch of interesting stuff to the site lore. Read the announcement to find out more about wendis, vamps and canon groups!

UPDATE 30.12.16 Are you ready for the January site event? You didn't think that spooky halloween magic was just a freak occurrence, did you? Oh no, it's back! Bigger, badder, and better, with even more murder and shenanigans to be had! Don't miss it!

UPDATE 23.12.16 We hope you had a lot to eat this Christmas because our NEW SPECIES sure did. Say hello to wendigos! They're absolutely dying to meat you.

UPDATE 20.12.16 New species up! Introducing our beautiful new fire birds, the phoenixes!

UPDATE 1.12.16 The December ACTIVITY CHECK is up. You have a week to post and save your characters from the danger list. Don't miss out!

UPDATE 23.11.16 New species up! Meet the Hybrids, the rare abominable mix of vampires and werecreatures.

UPDATE 12.11.16 New species up! welcome psions, our new vampire subtype. Also check out added lore to witches, here, explaining all the witch classes in detail!

UPDATE 22.10.16 RUSSIAN ROULETTE RESULTS are up! Check them out if haven't to see what awaits you and your character here~

UPDATE 18.10.16 ACTIVITY CHECK #1 is now over. All characters and ooc accounts that didn't make it have been archived, and forums have been thoroughly spruced. You've got 2 days to sign up for roulette before we pull the trigger!

UPDATE 16.10.16 RUSSIAN ROULETTE sign ups! CLOSE 20.10.16. Don't miss out on a great chance to throw your characters into the pot. Quite literally.

UPDATE 11.10.16 October site event is up! Check it out for site plot advancement and legit shenanigans~ Oh, and murder, you cannot have a proper party without murder.

UPDATE 10.10.16 First Activity Check is up and ready to go! You have one week to post in order to save your characters. Keep an eye out for an event coming your way!

UPDATE 3.10.16 We've expanded on our species; Welcome SPIRITS to the site's lore! Bring on the haunting and just around the right time of year too~ Respectively, you can also now find Canon Spirits and FAQ questions regarding spirits in their usual places.

UPDATE 26.9.16 Quick links at the top have been given a wonderful overhaul, the courtesy of Moss. If you'd like any more links added to your convenience, let us know~

UPDATE 15.9.16 Witches lore expanded! With curses this time. Voluntary read again. Also, an offer for members to create their own curses to add to the lore~ Link here~

UPDATE 13.9.16 Witches lore expanded! Voluntary read for all your spell-related questions, found here~

UPDATE 7.9.16 Small little tidbit, but we're growing here, no? There is now a Voluntary Reads section with an FAQ added for your convenience. Take a peek and enjoy here~

UPDATE 2.9.16 OPENING DAY! Finally open. Its been a long time coming! Here's a warm welcome from the SL team. Welcome, y'all~ Any bugs, let us know.


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